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This Autumn, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts have some stimulating partnerships with the Marlborough Pub & Theatre across their Queer Heroes season. We spoke to Programme Co-ordinator Ema Boswood on the collaboration and what’s planned for you to experience both here and at their own space.

Could you tell us more about the curatorial decisions behind these shows? What are you bringing and what are the highlights?

We’re so excited to be continuing our partnership with ACCA and are presenting a series of exciting new performance events as part of our Queer Heroes season, in which we are interested in championing work that celebrates and explores all the queer icons that have paved the way before us. As part of this season, we will be showcasing artist Rachael Young’s new show Nightclubbing (8 November), which is an ode to Grace Jones’ seminal 1981 album of the same name. This performance is a brilliant and explosive meeting of visceral live music and intergalactic visions, beginning a revolution that Grace Jones laid the foundations for.

We’re also thrilled to be returning to ACCA for another evening of Thinking Queer (7 November), following on from the brilliant success of last year’s. This event will be a vibrant night in ACCA’s beautiful cafe with a relaxed atmosphere, packed full of reflection, resistance, poetics and power to celebrate the work of trailblazing writer, thinker and activist Audre Lorde.

Why Audre Lorde for the second series of Thinking Queer? What can we expect this time?

Audre Lorde has long been an inspiration and an icon for us at The Marlborough, and her words are just as relevant today a climate of division, misogynistic presidents and with white supremacy on the rise. Throughout her work, Audre Lorde discusses the importance of speaking out against injustice, famously saying ”Your silence will not protect you”. As producers we understand that queer art is a political act and that we have a responsibility to showcase this important work. Audre Lorde is the perfect queer icon to reflect and amplify this message as she continues to unite and inspire us.

On the night there will be performers that we know and love presenting work influenced by Audre, as well as two new artists selected from a call out presenting performances that we have never seen before, which is exciting for us as we love to uncover new artists to support.

How do these projects link in with your Queer Heroes programme? Anything else our readers shouldn’t miss?

One thing that is absolutely unmissable is a new show from Lucy McCormick that’s been co-commissioned by us and ACCA and will be happening at the Marlborough on 9 November. If you’ve seen Lucy before, you’ll know why we’re so excited about it. Lucy’s work is outrageous, hilarious, important, messy and ingenious, packed full of pop culture references and unforgettable dance routines. This time we’re told to expect candy 4 all/party gamez/life skillz/dancin gurlz/absolute tunz and crying. We can’t wait.

Pay What You Decide tickets for the events at ACCA are available.