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Today (Monday 26 March) we are getting ready for Chris Watson’s No Man’s Land, which opens tomorrow at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts and runs to the 13 April. 

Chris has given us some hints of the sounds you might hear in No Man’s Land, his journey around the world via the seven seas in sound.

Brighton sea front

Brighton beach 

Starlings roosting on the old West Pier, Brighton

Sea wash at the base of the pier taking the listener underwater and out into the deep ocean

Weddell seals singing under the Antarctic sea ice by Ross Island

A coral reef in the South China Sea

Humpback whales singing on the Silverbank in the Caribbean, off the Dominican Republic

Hunting pods of Orca in the North Atlantic Ocean

Grey seals singing off the Isle of May in Scotland

Bearded seals singing by the Tuna glacier in Svalbard, the Arctic Ocean 

Return to Brighton beach


These sounds are punctuated by the harmonic rhythms and pulses of the great ocean currents.

Let us know how many you hear!


Book your ticket to hear the full work via this link.