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Video Synthesis Workshop

A one-day workshop in which participants learn how analogue video synthesis works, get hands on with direct video synthesis and image processing, and turn a VGA signal generator into a basic video synthesiser, while learning about the history and techniques of electronic video work.

The workshop combines demonstrations with hands-on circuit building and video synthesiser use. The workshop is well suited for any audio synthesists who are interested in extending their explorations into the visual realm.

Requirements: We will provide all the kit needed on the day, will be building signal generators compatible with eurorack synthesiser format (although you don’t need any eurorack to use it). Provided materials include: Video Synthesisers, Electronic Components, Soldering equipment and VGA signal generators.

11:00 An introduction to video synthesis

  • A walk through a basic patch on the LZX video synthesizer.
  • How the video signal works.
  • How video synthesis relates to audio synthesis.
  • Common video synthesis techniques.



• Participants will then break into two groups and move on to patching 2 hybrid LZX systems whilst discussing more advanced video synthesis techniques.


1:00 Lunch

2.00 VGA Signal Generator Hacking

  • Participants will learn how a VGA signal generator can be modified to provide basic video synthesis functions
  • Basic soldering and electronic construction techniques
  • Final assembly and testing of the modified Signal Generator


3:00 Testing the VGA signal generator with audio signals and high frequency oscillators

  • Participants will test their circuits using signal sources and audio sources
  • Experimentation and discussion of how to extend the functionality of the VGA signal generator in the future and how to use it in conjunction with modular synthesiser and external hardware. 

4.30 Break


5.00 Screening of historic video work and informal discussion around current practices in electronic video with Alexander Peverett and Christopher King.


Alexander Peverett is a multi-disciplinary artist from Wigan, England. He resides in Japan and the United Kingdom. His personal work explores the fields of electronic & computer music, video art, multi-media installation, generative art and computer graphics. He works at the University of Sussex and as a freelance Art Director, Computer Artist, Sound Designer and Video Director.


Christopher King collects and archives early media art periodicals. His blog and online discussion group video circuits explores early abstract and synthetic image making practices such as video synthesis, experimental animation, visual music, cymatics and graphic scores. Chris regularly performs live visual music using electronic video and audio synthesis techniques. He also teaches workshops on these techniques and the history and context of electronic intermedia and visual music practice.

Dates & Times

  • Saturday 01 July, 2017
    11:00am – 6:00pm


  • Adults
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Video Synthesis Workshop
Saturday 01 July

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